Global Native Services

Global Native Services (GNS) provides language curriculum development, test development and language proficiency evaluation services to the U.S. government and private sectors. 

Expand Skillsets With GNS

GNS designs, develops, reviews, conducts and administers foreign language tests.

GNS offers intensive training and teaching programs through both intimate smaller-scale and large-scale projects.

GNS provides translation and transcription services from any language into any combination of other languages, and from any source, written or recorded. 

The Company offers interpretation services –both simultaneous and consecutive– for face-to-face meetings, phone conversations, broadcasts, conferences and other circumstances that require real-time interpretation based on our clients’ needs. 

As part of its translation and transcription services, GNS edits and proofreads its work product. 

Global Native Services offers cultural awareness training by expert linguists, cultural advisors, and subject-matter experts over scenario-based training exercises as well as in seminar format. 

GNS’ engagement and negotiation training involves training linguists and cultural advisors to establish productive and respectful relations with local people and organizations. 

To enhance the authenticity and effectiveness of pre-deployment training for military units, GNS can provide personnel to act as native advisers. 

Global Native Services has an extensive network of qualified and motivated native speakers and can provide full-time and part-time employees and temporary contractors. 

GNS offers complete project management services for client projects.

In limited special situations, Global Native Services can provide travel logistics services to its commercial clients or military clients that are traveling in the civilian sector. 

Voice-over is the art of rendering a vocal track in synchronization with video content. Voice-overs are used most often in localizing entertainment or training content for an international audience. Global Native Services offers voice-over services.


From time to time Global Native Services calls for candidates. 

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